Investor Relation Documents

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Intimation letter under Regulation 30 SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015 dated 10th May, 2019.pdfNewspaper Publication.pdf

Company Documents

Contact details for Investor Grievance.pdfRegistrar & Share Transfer Agent.docxShareholding Pattern 31.03.2017.pdfShareholding Pattern 31.03.2018.pdf
Shareholding Pattern 30.09.2017.pdfDetails of KMP determined for Materiality of Events.pdfAIPL PROSPECTUS Board of Directors .pdfIntimation of Board Meeting and Clouser of
Shareholding Pattern-31.03.2019.pdfInvestor Relations.pdfShareholding Pattern -30.09.2018.pdf

Annual Reports/Notices & Financial Documents

4. SCRUTINIZER REPORT June 2019.pdfFinancial_Results 2017-2018.pdfIntimation 11-May-2019.pdfVoting Result Sep-2018.pdf
Annual Reports 2016-2017.pdfFinancial Result -2018-19.pdfINTIMATION April-2019.pdfAudited Report Sep-2017.pdf
Notice of Board Meeting 30.05.2017.pdfPolicy on familiarisation Programme.pdfNotice of Board Meeting 05.11.2018.pdfPostal Ballot Notice May-2019.pdf
Annual Report-Akash Infra-Projects Limited.pdfVoting Result April-2018.pdfNotice Jan 2019.pdfNotice (Revised) Feb-2019.pdf
Outcome Board Meeting 2018.zipOutcome Of Board Meeting Jan-2019.pdfNotice of Board Meeting 14.11.2017.pdf5. voting results June 2019.pdf
Notice of Board Meeting 30.05.2019.pdfNotices March 2018.pdfResults 31.03.2017.pdfAnnual Reports 2017-2018.pdf
Unaudited Financial Results 2018.pdfResults 30.09.2017.pdfNotice of Board Meeting 30.05.2018.pdfOutcome Of Board Meeting May-2019.pdf